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Services Breakdown

Vision Statement: We strive to align with customers’ needs with different pricing, confidence, solutions, clarity, and up-to-date information through courses, books, videos, podcasts, and magazines while providing staff opportunities and learning.


Why Pay for Expertise that is Not Needed?

With our method, we have different levels of expertise. Once we understand your business problems and goals, projects are distributed to the appropriate level.

If a Beginner in Excel and an Expert in Social Media are required you are paying only for each level of service chosen by the lead. With another project, you may require an Intermediate in Excel and a Beginner in Social Media.

What this means for you! You are only paying for the level required for each project and have access to all levels as needed.

Skill Level Table



Basic $35.00/hr CAD

Intermediate $55.00/hr CAD

Expert $90.00/hr CAD

Microsoft Word Create, Revise, Tables, Mail Merge References, Charts, Headers/Footers Themes, Styles, Macros
Microsoft Excel Create, Revise, Basic Formulas Charts, Sort, Filter, Pivot Tables, Named Tables, Queries Formulas, Data Analysis, Macros, Styles, Themes
Microsoft PowerPoint Create, Revise, Transitions, Timing Headers/Footers, Animations, Videos Slide Master, Equations, Macros
Google Docs As Office 365 As Office 365 N/A
Email and Calendar Management Review, Sort, Answer Basic Questions, Schedule Meetings, Create Contacts Multiple Calendars and Emails, Categories, Filters, Archive Macros, Customization, Rules
Account Management, CRMs or Lists Look up Information, Tags, Add or Close accounts Reporting, Campaigns, Data Clean-Up, Subscriptions Automation, Affiliates, Templates, Set-up and Clean-up
Social Media Management Basic Research, Premade or Basic Image Creations, Scheduling Up to Three Accounts Research, Assist in Planning, Scheduling, Image and Content Creation, and Basic Interaction with Up to Five Accounts Develop a Plan, Video Editing, and  Advanced Interactions with More Than Five Accounts
WordPress Website Updating Information Setup, Forms, Basic Plugins, Mobile Woo Commerce, Memberships, Email, CRM Linking
Sales – Warm to Hot Leads Provide a list of warm to hot leads for your target market Develop a sales strategy and research your target market. N/A
Content Creation Research topics Writing Proofing and Editing
Graphic Design Canva Photo and Video Editing Software Animation, Image Adjustments

Beginner Deal

$500.00 Deposit for 2 Months Max

Includes all services listed above at the various levels needed.

Go Getter Deal

$1,500.00 Deposit for 2 Months Max

Includes all services listed above at the various levels needed.

Rock Star Deal

$3,000.00 Deposit for 2 Months Max

Includes all services listed above at the various levels needed.

Please read the Terms and Conditions, Our Guarantee, and Privacy Policies before making payment.

Depending on your needs (basic, intermediate, or expert) for each project, the deposit will be adjusted to reflect the usage. Any deposit not used within two months is relinquished to Can Provide Virtual Professionals Inc., and the account is closed. Urgent requests (3 days and under) are charged 2.5 times the normal rate. Pay with credit card or direct deposit and save 2.5%. 

Availability is based on first come first serve, and the amount of your deposit reserves the time for you.



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