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 Welcome to CPVProfessionals!


CPVProfessionals provide casual work for self-employed individuals (disabled, elderly, immigrants, minorities, and remote workers).

We are looking for individuals who:


  • Understand and are excited about our mission statement.

  • Have a positive attitude when working.

  • Quality before speed is a priority.

  • Committed to project deadlines and will ask for help promptly if you cannot complete it.

  • Asks questions to ensure the project is done with the best method (easy and fast without sacrificing quality).

  • If desired, want to learn and advance your skills to find permanent employment or develop your own company. This training is at no cost to you, nor do you get paid for it.

CPVProfessionals understand that your value helps the business expand the Business Training program and Client Services.

Cheryl Erickson

CEO, Can Provide Virtual Professionals Inc.

How It Works!

If you meet most of the criteria above and agree to the following, let’s chat!

  • Dedicated to the company mission and vision.

  • Intelligent and able to communicate.

  • Self-employed or entrepreneur.

  • Work will be provided when available, and you have the option to accept or decline it without any consequences.

  • You have no client interaction, sales, etc., and CPVProfessionals pays you an hourly monthly rate without benefits.

  • Businesses are assigned a Client Strategist to work with them, find individuals (you) to do the work, and check for quality before sending it back. They also answer your questions and provide you free training. 

If you are interested in other revenue opportunities where you help others, such as becoming a licensed marketer for gas, electricity, etc. or provide ways individuals can save gas for their vehicles please email me at cpvprofessionals@gmail.com

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