Good morning, Kitties!

Hi Mom, are you feeding us yet?

Can I get a coffee and relax for a few minutes?

Okay, but I will stare and meow until you give me your attention.

*sigh* I will feed everyone now, or there will be no peace.

It doesn’t end there. If you have animals, especially cats, the usual routine is when they want it, regardless of what you are doing. I get it, it is normal to see a tail going by or me petting in the air because the Zoom background doesn’t show I have a cat wanting my attention. Cats need love, food, treats, litter cleaned, in/out, in/out, and more pets – repeat.

From their viewpoint, everything is urgent. They are busy and have needs, and I promised to take care of them until I find them good homes. There are similarities to juggling everything in a business and ensuring your client requests are answered promptly. As service providers we aim to take care of client needs and build our business. So how do we juggle the requests and our time? We get help. We get organized.

Life gets hectic in my home with four adult house cats and a wild cat that dropped off five kittens to raise. I’m not complaining; I enjoy it or would not be doing it. I hope I find homes for the babies soon and not just for my sanity – major distractions with this bunch. But this situation has taught me to get some help in my business on a small budget and not sacrifice quality.

  • CPVProfessionals provide high-quality service with reasonable tier pricing based on the current need, which includes streamlining processes and getting organized.
  • Advertise in Social Media Groups being specific about your needs and pricing. This reduces your time interviewing and answering questions.
  • Join a Trade Site and exchange your skills for those you need.
  • Test the skills and service with non-confidential projects and ensure a contract is available with the option to cancel.

These solutions are what I have done for my business to focus on what is important. Now I have more joy in both situations.