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Do you have a unique selling proposition?

What is your clear direction for your company in 2023?

Do you have staff turnover?

Do you know what your vision and mission statements are? Do you know your core values? Why do these things matter for your growth?

Do you want a business that scales, is efficient, streamlined, and organized? 

Get answers to these burning questions and the Top 7 Directives that will change your business and your life.

About Cheryl

  • Cheryl Erickson has over 35 years of experience helping business streamline, prepare manuals, investigate problems, and develop processes.
  • She has an in-depth understanding of various programs and business procedures.
  • Her diverse background in Oil & Gas, Engineering, Geotechnical, Environmental, Insurance, Legal, Education, Construction, Finance, Online Networking, Coaching, and Maintenance Fields has broadened her skills and experience.
  • Cheryl loves art/crafts, gardening, learning, playing board games, puzzles, and family.
Top Performer
Outstanding Performer

Les Markiewicz

Cheryl directly supported me as well as my management team. Cheryl was always eager and cheerful. She seemed to always want to take on more work, learn more and contribute as much as possible daily. Importantly, she was a quick learner, never seemed to have to explain anything to her more than once, and was very good at anticipating requirements. She was always prompt, professional and to the point, and she had an exceptionally well-organized desk and filing system. I can't speak more highly of her in this role!

Scott Van Berkel

Cheryl is a strong work performer and well-organized with a strong work ethic. Her experience across several industries and with large corporations and smaller companies is an asset. She has broad experience in a wide variety of assignments and projects. I would highly recommend Cheryl, as your organization will not be disappointed.

Erin Vogt

In a noisy, cluttered digital world, Cheryl brings calm, humour and common sense to the table. Practically, she showed me how to organize and simplify emails and online files in my coaching business. Her structured approach is easy to follow and she ensures I understand by investing extra time and attention where it is needed. Personally, Cheryl is warm, inviting and cheerful. I love sharing zoom rooms with her in our online network (CIBN Connect). She is a mentor, a dear friend and a source of real support. Stop scrolling and meet with her, you will be hiring her in no time!