When we are too busy for emails, they quickly get out of hand, and our memories fail us.

The worst practice I have discovered recently is individuals finding your email address and adding you to their subscription. Besides being illegal in Canada to email an individual that does not approve of it, it is unethical.

I make it a practice to send the subscriptions I want to a folder through automation. Automation helps keep my inbox clean and identifies them as unread, so I can review them when I have time.

When a new subscription comes, and it does not land in my subscription folder, then I add them to my automation. But if I have my doubts:

I quickly research my social media platforms for the company and individual.

Go to the company website to see what they are about.

Search for negative comments.

I cancel the subscription if it proves I did not sign up for their newsletter. Because even if it is something I am interested in, I do not work with people or companies who do not respect me. If it did interest me, I would do a bit of research to see other companies that provide the same service.

Sending me a direct email is different. Unless they continually send emails after I said I wasn’t interested and asked them not to send me any more emails. Sometimes, I get texts and phone calls after I ask them to remove me from their list. Then it is block and report time.

It makes me wonder why they even continue. It just reinforces my decision not to work with them.

Have you experienced this? What are some of the things you do?