Stress, aging, and medication are a few reasons that can affect our memories and create confusion.

It can become challenging to remember daily tasks such as making appointments or paying a bill. Forgetting what we are doing or how to do it isn’t as uncommon as you think.

It does make operating a business more difficult, especially as we develop more processes and our connections increase.


I am speaking from experience, and the solutions that changed my life and business made a big difference. I feel like I am 25 again and these are some of the solutions I used.

  • There are different products to help with cognition. Make sure to do your homework and find high-quality products. We all have different makeups and problem areas, making it difficult to recommend anything.
  • The To-Do List and Calendar are my top resources for planning my personal and business life. I prefer electronic as I can access it anywhere and get reminders. But even a paper journal is better than nothing.
  • That leaves some severe other business problems, such as remembering all the steps in a process, especially when it is only done once a month. Or the business is not being set up correctly for efficiency, freeing up your time, and avoiding mistakes. Unprepared for prospects, clients, or staff are just some complications. All this increases stress, affecting our memories and creating more confusion.

It is a vicious cycle.

Business Help

As an expert in developing an Operations Manual, this has been a saving grace for many people. It is easy to turn a page and see all the steps required, when it is due, and what is next. Having policies on dealing with issues is preventive medicine and does protect your business when there is a problem.

The Operations Manual helps you and others know your business and where you are going. Staff, sponsors, financial institutions, and clients benefit when you are clear. If you have clarity, they will as well.

It saves time and avoids errors when staff are provided with a document that transfers your brain. You are free to pursue important avenues instead of training; when they succeed, you succeed.


This manual is a game changer and places your business on a higher playing field. It provides clarity, efficiency, and organization. That is a lot less stressful!

If anything, I hope you realize there is help if you wish to change your life and business.