Sometimes I wished I had a crystal ball in life and business. Imagine knowing what to do and seeing how it is done. It would make success and decisions easier and reduce stress big time.

I can see it now. The fog slowly disappears, and names that would benefit from my services would appear. I can see what problems they are dealing with and provide solutions or referrals. It would be a win-win situation. Maybe I would see what my next move should be in marketing, what program is best, or what community to join. Wow, all great benefits… or not.

I would lose too much – challenge, surprise, disappointment, joy, creative need, problem-solving, and miss meeting great people regardless of the outcome. Maybe a crystal ball has its place, but only when I have insight; otherwise, I would quickly die of boredom.

It is better to continue learning, understanding, and trying strategies. I have learned that there is no one way to do things when we have different audiences, businesses, goals, and personalities. Take sales, I see some fantastic salespeople, but I cannot follow their strategy because of who I am. I can learn from them and take what works for me. Or I could hire a salesperson with my style, change who I am, and be true to myself. Learning from others is a great option; there are some things I can change and still be me.

I am not about the masses, which is suitable for some businesses. I prefer to understand the individual and their business and see how I can help them. I call this creating my crystal ball. It takes a lot more time but being in the business of providing services to others, it cannot be adequately done unless I get to know them. Being true to myself is more important than following strategies I do not believe in. I will lose some sales, but I will have life-long customers. 

I Needed to Adjust Some Thoughts

  • I have always had people reach out to me for work, but I need to reach more individuals to make a difference. I got it; I must dedicate time and be consistent weekly.
  • Sales aren’t nasty when you provide excellent services or products to help them reach their goals.
  • If I can help you build a crystal ball of your own, let’s start by digging deep into how you want to be approached. Learn what others are doing and pick what suits your personality.

The only thing left to say is, “when your open to ideas and do it with your ethics, my crystal ball says you got this.” That is the key to your strategy.